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Siena Heights All-Decade Series: Women’s Basketball

Siena Heights All-Decade Series: Women’s Basketball

ADRIAN, Mich. -- The Siena Heights Athletics Department will be announcing an all-decade team for every SHU athletic team to finish out the year 2020. Each all-decade squad will feature a starting lineup consisting of the best athletes at each position from the past 10 seasons. 

This edition features Siena Heights women's basketball program. The all-decade team features the best student-athletes who have competed on the SHU women's basketball team in the past decade.  

The Siena Heights All-Decade Women's Basketball Team

First Team

Sierra Calhoun – Calhoun was an NAIA All-America selection twice; the first time she was an honorable mention in 2013-14 and then a second-team choice in 2014-15. She was an All-WHAC first-team player twice (2013-14, 2014-15) as well as an all-defensive member in 2013-14, 2014-15. Calhoun finished her career with 1,713 points (2nd all-time), 582 rebounds, 264 assists (8th all-time), 142 steals, and 94 blocks (4th all-time).

Grace Howrigon – Howrigon was a WBCA All-America honorable mention in 2013-14. She added two All-WHAC selections to her resume (first team in 2013-14 & honorable mention in 2012-13). She wrapped up her career with 907 points, 585 assists (1st all-time), 509 rebounds, 147 steals, and 13 blocks.

Peyton Banks Banks was a first-team NAIA All-America choice last season (2019-20). She also added WHAC player of the year in 2019-20, making her the only conference player of the year for Siena Heights women's basketball, and a first-team All-WHAC selection. In 2018-19, Banks was a member of the WHAC all-freshman group. She currently holds the record for highest free-throw percentage in a season with 91.7% in 2019-20.

Demi Russell – Russell was an NAIA All-America third-team player during her senior season in 2019-20. She was also an All-WHAC selection every year during her college career at SHU. Her freshman year (2016-17) she was on the WHAC all-freshman squad. In her sophomore and junior seasons (2017-18, 2018-19) she made the All-WHAC second team, and her senior season she improved to the first team. She finished her career with 1,299 points (7th all-time), 589 rebounds, 47 blocks, 87 assists, and 71 steals.

April Watson – Watson was chosen as an NAIA All-America first team member in 2016-17 and an honorable mention in 2015-16. She was a two-time All-WHAC first-team player (2015-16, 2016-17). She was also named the WHAC newcomer of the year in 2015-16 and WHAC all-defensive in 2015-16 and 2016-17. She completed her career with 1,073 points (9th all-time), 661 rebounds (7th all-time), and 129 blocks (1st all-time).

Honorable Mention

Morgan Warfield – Warfield earned All-WHAC first-team honors in 2012-13 and honorable mention in 2013-14. She won the Thomas Emmet Sr. Award from SHU in 2014 and was on the WHAC newcomer team in 2011-12. She ranks 8th in career points with 1,244. Her career totals were 349 rebounds, 163 assists, 78 steals, and 21 blocks.

Nikki Hughes – Hughes was an All-WHAC second-team choice in 2011-12. She also was awarded the Thomas Emmet Sr. Award by Siena Heights University in 2011. She finished her career with 934 points, 672 rebounds (6th all-time), 79 assists, 105 steals, and 51 blocks.

Amanda Duke – Duke earned All-WHAC honorable mention in 2012-13. She completed her playing career with 739 points, 434 rebounds, 53 assists, 55 steals, and 22 blocks. She is currently fourth all-time in career free throw percentage with 82.1.

Shalaha Hubbard – Hubbard was on the Siena Heights women's basketball team in both the current and past decade. In the 2009-10 season, she earned All-WHAC second team. She joined the SHU 1,000-point club during her senior season (2010-11) when she tallied 1,014 career points. Her other totals were 235 rebounds, 108 assists, 106 steals, and 33 blocks.

Alyssa Larson – Larson was an All-WHAC first-team player in her senior season, 2018-19. That same year, Larson led the Saints in scoring (11.8 PPG) despite coming off the bench for much of the season. She finished her career with 719 points, 490 rebounds, 46 assists, 34 steals, and 61 blocks.

Mackenzie Tomasik – Tomasik earned WHAC honorable mention in 2014-15. She was a two-time NAIA Scholar-Athlete (2013-14, 2014-15) while completing her career with 695 points, 458 rebounds, 37 assists, 29 steals, and 14 blocks.

Jaaliyah Arrington – Arrington was named WHAC second team in 2016-17 and honorable mention in 2015-16. She finished her three-year varsity career with 841 points, 237 rebounds, 129 assists, 79 steals, and 13 blocks.

Raina Chambers – Chambers was chosen WHAC third team in her only season with Siena Heights in 2011-12. During that season, she totaled 366 points, 96 rebounds, 34 steals, and two blocks.

Kelsey Wyman Wyman was a WHAC second-team player in her first season with the Saints in 2019-20. She totaled 383 points, 106 rebounds, 51 assists, 39 steals, and 13 blocks.

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