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Siena Heights University Quarantine Know Your Coach and Among Us

Siena Heights University Quarantine Know Your Coach and Among Us

ADRIAN, Mich. -- During the latest shutdown ordered by the state of Michigan, the Siena Heights University Athletic department started a competition between the SHU athletic teams starting with a "Know Your Coach" game that took place last week. This week's challenge was the popular mobile and PC game Among Us. The third competition of the Quarantine Cup will be Trivia. The Siena Heights women's volleyball team currently leads all participating teams with a two-game total of 9050. 

The complete table of team scores is shared below.


Siena Heights University Quarantine Team Score
Team Know Your Coach Among Us Totals
Women's Volleyball 800 8250 9050
Esports 400 5800 6200
Women's Basketball 1000 5100 6100
Softball 900 5100 6000
Dance 1000 4700 5700
Cheer 900 2700 3600
Women's Track & Field 0 3950 3950
Football 1000 1900 2900
Women's Soccer 600 800 1400
Men's Basketball 800 0 800
Golf 700 0 700
Men's Bowling 700 0 700
Women's Bowling 600 0 600
Women's Lacrosse 600 0 600
Men's Lacrosse 500 0 500


Each of the participating teams in the "Know Your Coach" competition was recorded during the game. Those videos can be found on the SHU Saints YouTube page playlist at this link:

Stay tuned to for all news about the SHU Quarantine Cup and all SHU Athletics news.

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