The student-athletes at Siena Heights earned a aggregate grade point average of 3.23 in the fall semester of the 2015-2016 academic year.

The women's athletic teams earned an average GPA of 3.39.  Leading the way was the Golf team with a GPA of 3.76, followed by the softball team with a GPA of 3.58, cross country team with a 3.53 GPA, and lacrosse team with a 3.51 GPA.

On the men's side, the golf team was also the top men's team with a 3.61 average GPA.  They were followed by the baseball team with a 3.26 GPA, and both the bowling and cross country teams with a 3.08 GPA.

For the complete list of the teams and their aggregate GPA's, please click here

A total of 617 student-athletes with 21 different teams, accounting for 8,781 credit hours were factored into the GPA data.