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Saints Athletics Shows Support During Difficult Times

Saints Athletics Shows Support During Difficult Times

An important message from SHU President Sister Peg Albert to the Siena community:

Dear Siena Heights University Community,

I write this to you with tears in my eyes and rage in my heart. The actions that caused the death of our brother, George Floyd, and many others, are totally unacceptable and an affront to our mission of respecting the dignity of all. Our brown and black brothers and sisters have suffered much too long by our country’s institutional racism and white privilege. We must own our part in all of this, but even more so, transform ourselves with the assistance of others and our God.

As a faith-based university in the Catholic-Dominican traditions, our search for truth is of the utmost importance. And, sometimes, the truth is difficult for us to accept and face. We must take a long, loving look at ourselves and recognize our sinfulness. We must own where we have fallen short by recognizing how we have been a part of oppressing others either consciously or unconsciously.

As an Adrian Dominican sponsored institution, the Vision Statement of the Adrian Dominicans speaks to our hearts: We Dominican Preachers of Adrian impelled by the Gospel and outraged by the injustices of our day...

seek truth;

make peace;

reverence life.

As members of the SHU community, we must do the same. Our values and moral fiber impel us to do so.

We at SHU support peaceful protesting but not violence. The violence of the police officer and those who stood around allowing Mr. Floyd to be murdered must not be answered with violence. It must be answered with justice. As we seek justice, may we do so in a manner that creates a truly human civil society where all are respected and valued equally. May we all be transformed to effect positive change within us and among us.

May our voices rise in prayer and may God grant us the courage and insight to do all we must do.

Blessings and peace.